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As one of the fastest growing, dynamic firms within the specialist mortgage sector, we are constantly welcoming new members to the team.

If you have a passion in helping people, wanting to develop your skills, knowledge and wish to receive constant ongoing development in your abilities, Y3S is the ideal company to join.

We have built our amazing team over the last 20 years, only taking on those who want to make friends at work, pro-actively contribute, have a great sense of pride in themselves and in their future.

We in return will encourage and guide you to become the very best you can be, where you are surrounded by people that support your progression in becoming an expert in your field. We’ll provide you a clear progression plan, an unrivalled remuneration structure and a superb place to work.

Y3S team

Here’s what some of our team have to say about working here …

Phil Howard Team manager

Joined 2005

As employees, we are treated and taken care of impeccably!
The team I have the privilege of managing are amazing, they fill me with pride and inspire me daily to continue driving our company forward.

… the way the company has nurtured, supported and developed my career so far has been nothing short of wonderful and I know this will continue far into the future.

phil howard
dilu uddin

Dilu Uddin Specialist Mortgage Advisor

Joined 2021

Y3S offers a lifetime career. Being surrounded by a team with an extensive mortgage background and sharing their knowledge has helped me excel in my career and made me feel comfortable in my role.

My key focus at Y3S is developing a long-lasting relationship and finding the best loan option for my clients.

Steve Everson Specialist Mortgage Advisor

Joined 2021

I have never felt more welcomed into a workplace as I have at Y3S, where teamwork and individuality go hand in hand and people drive each other to be the best they can be. Management genuinely values their staff and want everyone to achieve their goals, I have felt supported throughout the induction process and actually look forward to a Monday morning now!

If you have a solid work ethic and a desire to both excel at, and thoroughly enjoy your job, then I can’t recommend Y3S enough.

steve everson
claire jenkins

Claire Jenkins Sales Support

Joined 2019

Within 10 mins of starting, I was laughing, introduced to everyone and felt welcomed into the Y3S family. The perks of working for Y3S are endless: career progression with all the background help, making life-long friends, having the love & support of people around you to help you grow with personal issues i.e. confidence & self-worth so you feel you can achieve work targets and make you want to go to work every day.

Lawrence Humphries Specialist Mortgage Advisor

Joined 2015

Being senior in both position and age, I have worked for various companies over the last 40 years, Y3S undoubtably is the best I’ve worked for. From day one they have given me the tools, support and opportunity to progress in a new career and become a top adviser.

Y3S has a culture of working hard and putting clients first but never forgets that fun and flexibility for its employees are an important part in keeping us motivated and looking forward to life in the office. Add to that a team of varied and wonderful individuals in all departments and  great social events, I really feel like I work with an extended family

lawrence humphries
wayne jones

Wayne Jones Specialist Mortgage Advisor

Joined 2016

At Y3S, I was welcomed with open arms and I quickly felt I became a valued asset to the company.

From the investment that is given, the support that you receive, and the times we have outside work hours together gives a culture and a team that work as a unit to create one of the most successful brokerages in the UK.

Claire Haycock Specialist Mortgage Advisor

Joined 2019

Since joining Y3S in 2019 I’ve been given opportunities and encouraged to excel in my career and always felt encouraged, supported and valued at all times by colleagues and management. I feel that all staff are listened to, appreciated and often involved in company decisions.

I’ve never worked for a company that puts staff wellbeing and happiness at the forefront of business and I believe that this is the main reason that Y3S are such a successful business.

claire haycock

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