Sun, Sea and Second Charges

Loan amount: £156,000
Loan type: Second charge residential
Time to complete: 14 days
Lender: Optimum Finance


A senior executive at a major high-street retailer was looking to consolidate over £150k of unsecured credit in a short timeframe while being uncontactable for a significant period.

  • Full document pack issued and returned within 48 hours
  • Local printer sourced to assist the client in returning the documents
  • Rapid-response team ensured the deal got over the line


Getting the case off the ground before the client was in the air

Y3S Private Clients was sent an urgent case by one of their introducers that required a quick resolution due to the client leaving for a family holiday.

During the initial call with the client it was identified that several issues could prevent the deal from completing within the desired timeframe::

  • The client was heading on holiday in the next 48 hours and wouldn’t have access to their email
  • The client didn’t have the facilities to print and return the required paperwork
  • On their return the client had a heavy work schedule leading their employer’s summer intern programme
  • The deal needed to be completed quickly or they would occur additional fees on their existing debt

Having established the client’s needs and the unique circumstances of the case, Y3S Private Clients went about sourcing the best deal available and coming up with how to get the paper back from the client in such a short timeframe.

“With a very short window of opportunity, it was key that we attained the client’s needs and identified any obstacles on the first phone call.” Michael Gallagher, Y3S Private Clients.



Harnessing the speed of digital with a little local assistance

Optimum Credit was the obvious lender as their digital application process meant we could get the deal off the ground quickly and continue progressing it while the client was on holidays. There was just the issue of getting the documents from the client.

Prior to contacting the client, Y3S Private Clients had sourced a local printer who would be able to print, scan and send the document on their behalf. The client was happy with terms of loans and how to get the paperwork back to us. Y3S had arranged pre-payment with the printed and ensured they would take priority over any other customers minimising the time the client had to spend at the location.

“The client was very pleased that we sourced and vetted a local printer that could assist in the process so they could focus on getting ready for their holiday.s” Michael Gallagher, Y3S Private Clients.

Receiving the full document pack prior to the client leaving the country meant on their return everything was in place to complete the loan. The client was also able to take a printed copy of our product suitability report with them for a little poolside reading.

On their return, we arranged for one of our rapid response agents to collect the remaining paperwork from her in-between interviews at her place of work..


A stress-free holiday and reduced monthly payments

Consolidating the client’s existing debt meant their monthly outgoings were greatly reduced allowing them to raise extra finance to complete their home improvements.

The biggest result though, was that by establishing the client’s needs and any obstacles early, it meant the client could go on holiday stress free, knowing that the finance would be in place when they returned.

 “Great customer service is at the core to what we do at Y3S Loans. We don’t just Treat Customers Fairly we treat them fabulously.” Matt Cottle, Y3S Private Clients.
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