Millions of people are in debt and vulnerable right now. Y3S can help.

Debt advice is more important than ever right now, and paying off unsecured debts with a mortgage is an extremely important decision, not to be taken lightly. Calculating the costs of doing so is extremely complex, as is working out the effects on disposable income.

Get it wrong and you fall foul of FCA regulations. By referring to our team of Y3S experts, we take full accountability for the advice, and we do this with pride.

Here’s some insight into how we do this, ensuring customer care is delivered as standard throughout.

The UK is seeing an ever-increasing number of people in debt. Many aren’t facing their problems and keep borrowing to stay afloat. The issue is that banks aren’t doing enough and should be funding more.

“There is a critical problem of debt support funding from UK banks.” Martin Lewis, Good Morning Britain, 14/9/2022

This is where Y3S can help.

By dealing with our team of specialist mortgage experts, we take the regulatory pressures off your hands by dealing direct with your clients.

Taking into account all interest and fees, we calculate the total cost of credit for every line of credit and compare this to the cost of consolidating. We carefully discuss each debt, ensuring full understanding throughout. We then create a bespoke report for the customer’s consideration and reflection. If consolidation increases the cost for the customer, it’s our job to really understand why it makes sense, and of course, no two customers’ circumstances are the same.

Case Study

With a current monthly disposable income of just £6.64, Mr and Mrs ‘Jones’ were borrowing more and more each month to pay for their children’s education and modest living. They had ‘no quality of life’ and the stress within their household was ‘unbearable’.

They first approached their bank who turned them away as a result of having too many debts, so they then called their financial advisor who confirmed their mortgage company would not consider them for the same reasons.

They agreed the plan of taking out a second charge mortgage to pay off the majority of their debts, wiping their slate clean. This will hopefully enable them to remortgage in two years time to provide further savings. The clients were then referred to Y3S.

Our advisor, James Ioele, took considerable time in analysing their debts with the aim of increasing their disposable income, discussing each line of credit.

As their intention was to remortgage, they needed to maintain their excellent credit rating. Entering into an agreement to reduce the monthly payments with each existing lender was not an option, as this would adversely affect their rating, and potentially prevent them from remortgaging as intended.

James then assessed the impact of consolidating on the customer’s monthly disposable income and saw that this rose from £6.64 to £1,277.97.

Although aware of the extra costs of consolidating on certain lines of credit, the overall impact to Mr and Mrs ‘Jones’ made a significant improvement to the quality of their lives. Not only has our advice given them the breathing space they so needed, it reduced the stress within their household and gave them a plan to ‘start again’ and prepare for remortgaging in 2 years time which (subject to interest rates) will further increase their disposable income.

Here’s what they said about us in their review…

5 star service “I am lucky enough to have Y3S recommended to me, the dedication and endeavour shown by this company through what were trying circumstances cannot be overrated. Definitely 5 star service.”

“All the competition claims they’re better but simply don’t deliver on quality, speed and overall peace of mind.”

Sean Bowling
SBL Financial

“I have worked with Y3S for many years and they’ve always looked after my clients with great care, in the same way as I do. Thank you Y3S”

Paul McMath
Prosper Home Loans

“The personal service Y3S provides is brilliant. Very professional, caring and thorough.”

Debbie Cornell
Nexus IFA

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